strategyWe believe that the main reason the majority of projects fail is due to poor scope or unclear objectives. Also project sponsors and managers usually do not have the right tools and methodologies to access the team’s or organization’s skill set, necessary during the definition phase of the project. Thus, the lack of clear scope and objectives for the project, tend to cause the misuse or underutilization of precious professional talent, both from within the organization, as well as outsourced. MGCG’s Delta-M methodology was designed and tested to help organizations better define their project goals and objectives, thus setting a realistic and attainable scope of work that indeed addresses the need for the project in the first place. By relying on knowledge management (KM) practices and techniques, we can help your organization to effectively define and plan your projects. Once a well defined scope of work is in place, Delta-M helps your organization better control the project execution. We take advantage of change management (CM) practices and techniques, as every time a deliverable is completed and something changes, people must change as well.


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